1. What exercises will I be competing in?
Answer: Each event will consist of at least 2 different exercises that will test both strength and cardiovascular fitness (eg. rowing followed by a farmer's carry).

2. What is a floating event?
Answer: The floating event is an additional event that needs to be completed "on your own time," or basically, anytime before the finals.

3. How are the events judged?
Answer: Each athlete will be judged by a trained individual to ensure fairness and accuracy. Proper form will be strictly enforced. For example, you would not be disqualified for using improper form on a few push-ups. Only the ones completed with proper form will count towards your score.

4. How long is each event?
Answer: Most events will be 4 minutes in length. During that time, you will need to complete as many reps, rounds, etc. as possible using proper form.

5. What time is my wave?
Event #1 will begin at 9am with the first wave of women followed by the first wave of men until all athletes have completed the event.  Each event will take approximately 90 MINUTES for all of the waves to finish.  During the downtime, you can rest, fuel up, cheer on your competitors, or complete the floating event.

6. How long is the whole competition?
Each event is expected to take approximately 90 MINUTES for all participants to complete. The competition starts at 9am, so most participants should be done around 2PM unless you have qualified for the finals.  The award ceremony will take place after the final event.

6. Is this an individual or team competition?
BOTH! Overall, this is an individual competition. However, as a gym or business, you can select 2 guys and 2 girls to represent you at the competition. Their total scores will be compared to the total scores of the other teams to determine who will take the team trophy home this year as well as the title of "Oregon's FitTEST Gym."



 • WHEN: postponed. new date tbd.

 • WHERE: national guard armory, 3800 knox butte rd, albany

 • COST: $50 through aug 31 (Early bird)

               $60 through sep 30

               $65 through oct 22

 • open to all oregon athletes

 • registration is limited to 50 men & 50 women


 • 1st place MALE & FEMALE = $500

 • 2nd place MALE & FEMALE = tbd

 • 3rd place MALE & FEMALE = tbd


  • 4 challenges (3 + FLOATING challenge)
  • Top 5 men & women will advance to the final (DOUBLE POINTS - ANYONE CAN WIN)
  • Waves will begin at 9am (most people will be done by 2PM)
  • Lowest points wins (eg. finish first challenge in 7th place = 7 points)



As many as you can do in 4 minutes.


Must complete before the last wave finishes their challenge.  3 minutes to complete.



4 minutes to complete.

EVENT #4 (Floating EVENT)

3 attempts at all 4 stations  - scored separately - 4 minutes to complete.

final EVENT
​will be revealed at the competition